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America invites India: The Right Consultant Can Seal the Deal


For brilliant reasons, America has always been the home to opportunity. And for Indians keen on building their dreams, it is a great beckoning. Shalabh Kumar was 20 when he immigrated to the USA for his Master’s at Illinois Institute of Technology. He ended up receiving more goodness than what he bargained for. Long story short - in the week where Trump was sworn in as President, Shalabh Kumar was recognized as the most influential Indian-American. As the founder of Hindu Republic Coalition, Shalabh's pivotal role in mobilizing Hindus was crucial for Trump's campaign. While we know him as the person behind 'Ab ki baar, Trump Sarkar', an ad campaign that broke the internet, there's a lot more that we don't know yet. Well, let's dive in!

It takes a person who is truly secure with himself to fight for real issues, and in that light, Shalabh's claim to fame came in 2011 and 2012. When Bin Laden was found unrevealed in Pakistan, Shalabh became a strong citizen lobbyist on Capitol Hill to support Texas Congressman Ted Poe’s bill to cut off foreign aid to Pakistan. This bill passed in 2012, making Shalabh popular overnight. 

Shalabh's god daughter Manasvi Mamgai, former Miss India played a prominent role in Trump's campaign. Often regarded as the father-daughter duo like that of Donald and Ivanka, Shalabh and Manasavi firmly believed that Trump's win would be hugely beneficial for India. Right from the early onset of the election campaign, Shalabh was actively engaged in making the relationship between India and the USA, even stronger. Grapevine has it that several projects and trades between both the countries are in pipeline. This is considered to be an incredible pathway for creating jobs and security in both the countries.

While it is said that Shalabh is the gateway for Trump to India, he has also been garnering a vigorous advocacy in taking the agenda for India, forward. Well, no surprises there, Trump's phone call to Modi has made that quite evident. The two leaders discussed a great deal about strengthening the economy and defense of the USA and India. In fact, during the phone call, Trump emphasized on how India is a dear friend to the US and instrumental in resolving the challenges the world is facing right now. On that note, Trump intends to host Modi in the USA, sooner rather than later.

 In an interview, Shalabh has made it quite clear that Trump identifies how skilled immigration is necessary for the US economy to grow and that Silicon Valley is fueled by a myriad of startups founded by immigrants from India.

Now, we know that the land of great superpowers isn't known as the home to fair opportunities for namesake. It is still a much-coveted yet possible dream for many Shalabh Kumars back in India. But the journey to the land that's seven seas away begins with picking the right consultant. One that has expertise in immigration and Visa policies is sure to root your dream of living in the USA. In today’s world, the application process has become more regulated and more tricky. But as long as a candidate has the right information and aptitude, the United States of America is still open for immigration.