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Auckland: An immigrant's paradise!



Auckland is one of the major cities of New Zealand. It is situated on an isthmus between the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean. If you love beaches, then Auckland is the place for you. Whether it’s the rugged beauty of the beaches on its west coast, which are ideal for surfing or the shimmering Haruki Gulf, with its pristine islands, you are never very far away from the water in Auckland. For lovers of greenery, an hour’s drive can take you from the shiny glass plated high rise buildings to dense and seemingly impenetrable rainforests, wildlife reserves and thermal springs. Connoisseurs of wine also have something to cheer about, as New Zealand’s fertile soil, makes it an ideal location for wineries.

Commercially, Auckland is the second-largest city after the capital Wellington. For those looking to be employed in the technology sector, Auckland has a number of opportunities. The ICT sector in Auckland is on a high-speed growth trajectory. More than 31000 people are employed by over 6700 companies in Auckland. Many globally renowned and innovative companies in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector have their offices here. Examples include, Microsoft, Oracle, Huawei, SAP and others. With one-third of New Zealand’s population living and working in Auckland, it’s not surprising that Auckland is a thriving hub of industries with job and business opportunities in diverse sectors and a vibrant fast paced life. Auckland accounts for 35 percent of the economic output of New Zealand and is also responsible for 33 percent of its employment. The ICT sector in Auckland has grown by more than 80 percent is the last ten years. The business-friendly time zones and its easy accessibility to the Asia –Pacific region has made it the ideal hub for many technology companies

Auckland has a well-connected public transport system. The city link bus service runs through the inner city section of Auckland. The route covered by the bus service is divided into the inner loop and outer loop. The buses are color coded for easy identification. The buses plying on the inner loop are bright green in color and the buses servicing the outer loop are colored amber. Fares are cheap, costing just 1 New Zealand dollar for a ride. The ride can be made even more cheaper by purchasing an AT hop card, which is a  multi-use prepaid smart card for traveling on buses, train and ferries in and around Auckland. The cards can be purchased online on Auckland’s public transport website. Other options for traveling and sight-seeing include trains and the Auckland Explorer Bus.

Indians in Auckland account for almost two-thirds of the total Indian population in New Zealand. Indians in New Zealand have achieved tremendous social and economic progress. This coupled with their reputation for a disciplined and honest work ethic has led to an increased respect and acceptance for the Indian community among the locals. An Indian need never feel far away from home here. If you are missing home food, then you can buy Indian groceries at one of the many Indian grocery stores in Auckland. Planning to eat out instead? Auckland has a number of restaurants to suit the Indian palate. Culturally almost every Indian community is represented here with each community having its own associations and cultural programs. It can safely be said that, the Indians in Auckland have created a veritable home away from home!

With so much to see, do and enjoy, Auckland has rightly been rated as one of the best cities in the world for quality of life.