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Australia Permanent Residency - Huge Benefits

Permanent Resident is often the name occupied by a group of individuals who are not citizens of commonwealth of Australia. A permanent visa type allows residents to live in Australia, they have no restrictions. The permanent citizen has most of the rights as an Australian citizen but there are certain in common rights also. Therefore, many prefer to migrate to Australia as permanent residents who have rights of entitlement of a citizen.

The PR citizen has an automatic right to entry into Australia but if they are willing to travel internationally then they should have Australia Permanent Residency with a valid travel authority. Permanent residents don\'t have power to vote like the commonwealth citizens of Australia. Only permanent residents enrolled to vote before 1984 are eligible to vote. The Australian government services and benefits are available for Australian citizens and permanent residents; it is the responsibility of the government to provide services and benefits.

Here are some ways to become a permanent resident in Australia:

  1. General Skilled Migration Program: This could be the best alternative when you don't have any employer who is willing to sponsor you. You need to go for a points based system and score not less than 60 points to become eligible. The most popular sub classes to qualify in this type are subclass 189, subclass 190 and subclass 489.
  2. The age should be in-between 18 to 50 years.
  3. Passed IELTS exam, conducted to assess the English skills and abilities of a candidate.
  4. Specified occupation should be under the skilled occupations list.
  5. You will get an invitation after lodging an Expression of Interest (EOI).