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Australia Skilled Occupation - Overview

Australia skill select is an online facility provided by the Government of Australia to help its national immigration system and also the skilled professionals across the globe to move into their country in a much better way. Department of Immigration and border protection how a nation administers and manages skills, business and investor immigration plans. This facility helps skilled professionals, administrators also manage skilled, business and investor immigration plans. The online immigration scheme enables to submit particulars for Expression of interest (EOI) so that they can be reviewed for Australia skilled visa.

Skill select ensures to fill the loop with skilled professionals who are in deficiency in Australia. This helps to reduce the skill scarcity in the country. The future of Australia depends upon the permanent residents who are willing to work and settle in Australia. They are well prepared to reside in the country and work for economic progress of the country. This is a boon for Australia and the government is more supporting this initiative.

In Australia major economy is from South or East of the continent were major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra are located. Australia has rich mineral resources and heavy industries. The country is thinking of focusing on building huge economy through these resources. The desert in Australia contains rare species of bio diversity and desserts are often a rich source of minerals, the Silicon Valley can be built out of it. Apart from these Australia has an immense petroleum source the government is also focusing on inviting skilled professionals from all these sectors.

Australia is looking a cluster of Software, Hardware, Petroleum, Oil & gas, Electronics, Construction, Architects and more skilled labor as mentioned in the skilled occupation list. On the other side of a coin Australia also looks at labours and other 3rd class skilled workers to provide services to its citizens.

This can makes more sense of the diversity of skill set required in Australia. The kangaroo country needs great potential to sustain its development and rapidly increase its economy. India is the only country in the world to have most of the skilled labour. India has largest youth population with Doctors, Engineers, Management Professionals, teachers, Lawyers and many skilled labours who can help in sustainable development of Australia. Therefore Australia is looking at India and allocating Expression Of Interest (EOI) to number of Indians helping them to grow economically and skilfully. Indians often get settled with their family members in Australia.