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Big Data! Big Opportunities!


Big Data and Data Science are the new ‘it’ words in the corporate grapevines. Almost everyone you know has either completed a course on it, or is intending to pursue one or knows someone who has completed a course. So what exactly is Big Data and what is the buzz all about? Big data refers to the challenges faced due to the exponentially increasing variety and volume of data that is being generated today, and the technological measures to manage and process the huge amount of data. Big data comprises of three major factors the volume, variety and velocity of the data being created. For example, consider the case of an online retail store, every click on a product is being recorded, some of them may translate into actual sales, while some of it may not. People from all over the world are clicking on millions of products, generating huge amounts of data, which needs to be processed in a real time basis. A normal relational based database management system would not be able handle such huge amounts of data, this is where big data analytics enters the picture. At the core of Big Data is Data Science. The term data science encompasses a series of activities that include collecting data, coding the data, processing the data, analyzing the data, visualizing data and interpreting the results. Huge waves of data are being created from multiple sources, from social media, which generates tremendous amounts of data in real time, to search engines and websites, to trackers and fitness devices. The internet is creating vast amounts of data. Even in fields like Astronomy, Space technology, economics and medical research tremendous amounts of data is being collected, which when analyzed can give new insights to the subjects. New innovations in data collection, storage and handling have made it possible to better interpret and analyze the data we are presented with and use the insights to make more informed decision.

 Big Data Analytics is a popular and high in demand career choice as there are not enough professionals out there currently who have the requisite expertise in this field. So if you are looking for a career upgrade and plan to move into the field of big data or are even considering entering it as a fresher, then now is the best time.  Although a number of courses are available online and through various institutes that teach big data, investing in learning at a reputed and first rate university can not only give you superior knowledge on the subject, but also boost your career prospects. Some of the best graduate programs in big data worldwide are

  1. Carnegie Mellon University: Carnegie Mellon University's School of Information Systems and Management at the Heinz College, offers a master's degree in information systems management with a focus in data analytics, which is recognized by many in the industry as one of the best.

  2. Stanford University: The alma mater of google co- founders, Stanford University has earned a high respect among the Silicon Valley set. Students at Stanford can take up their MS in statistics with a concentration in big data,

  3. Santa Clara University: Santa Clara University, reputed as being one of the best in USA offers a MS in business analytics to its students

  4. University of Michigan – Dearborn: The University of Michigan offers a fairly priced MS in business analytics at a lower cost than many private universities.

  5. University of Texas at Dallas: The University of Texas at Dallas Jindal School of Management offers a graduate degree in analytics for its students which is widely reputed.

  6. University of Virginia: The University of Virginia’s Data Science Institute offers a 10 month long course leading to MS in Data Science (MSDS)

  7. University of Florida: Students at the University of Florida, can take up a course leading to Master of Science in information systems and operations management.

  8. Purdue University: Reputed to be the Ivy League of the Midwest, Purdue is an excellent university for learning data analytics.

  9. University of Maryland: The University of Maryland has an excellent graduate program for aspiring data scientists.

  10. Georgia Institute of Technology: The Master of Science in Analytics at the Georgia Institute of Technology is a well reputed degree in the field of data analytics.

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