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Canada Immigration - Spouse or Common Law Partner Rejection - Things to Fix to Avoid Dismay

  • If your marriage is subjected to immigration benefit: Few too clever people marry only to avail immigration benefit of adding points to their application. These applications get rejected.

  • Marriage is done for convenience, love and mutual benefit but not for immigration benefit.

  • Not genuine: During interview, if marriage is known to be fake or not genuine marriage


Take a mandate interview rehearsal, adequate practice is required or else you will be crushed

Interview Questions:

  • Previous Immigration history to Canada

  • Dates and circumstances concerned to meetings, marriage ceremonies and events related to marriage.

  • Level of knowledge the Primary Applicant has about the wife and in laws.

  • Martial history of the Applicant and the Sponsor.

  • Discrepancy in what has been written on forms and what is being said in the interview.

  • Circumstances of development of marriage.

  • Proof of contact both before and after marriage.

  • Proof of joint activity by both as married couple.

  • Any deviation from the societal norms like religion, age and economic status.

  • How many guests came to the wedding (valid proof).

Multiple factors influence the visa officer, the nature varies from case to case. Lack of conclusive facts and evidences may drop in trouble.