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Canada Provincial Nominee Program - Provinces

Provincial Nominee Program is a program under Canada Immigration helping provinces to nominate for provinces. This program allows nominating candidate for provinces who are interested to settle in a particular province. Except Quebec immigration which has a particular nominee program called Quebec skilled worker visa. This program allows new comers to actively work in settle in a particular province.

Indians will be more interested to migrate to city of Toronto, Canada due to various facilities and climatic conditions suiting to them. Toronto is a metropolitan area where most of the economy happens. There are more software people living out there. It’s like a heaven except for 3 months a year when the temperature freezes beyond limit due to geographical extension touching the North Pole.

There are many provinces like Albetra, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, New Foundland, Northwest Territories and Yukon where you can choose your own province of interest and migrate for the same. Each province has its own speciality.

Albetra is Canada’s most socially and economically happening place. It’s located in western Canada.

British Columbia the hub of cultural diversity and economic growth is the third largest city located at Vancouver. British Columbia focuses on natural resources emphasising forestry and mining.

Manitoba is located in between Ontario and Saskatchewan. It has an economic base of natural resources and agriculture.

Saskatchewan is province in western Canada were lot of economic activity happens. The major economic activity happens because of immigrants from around the world. Agriculture and natural resources are major sources of economy.

New Brunswick is an official bilingual province of Canada. About 30 percent of population in this province speak French. There are number of cities in this province.

Across the maritime of Canada lies a province named Nova Scotia. The Province has Nova Scotia peninsula, Cape Breton Island and over 3000 islands. Nova Scotia is known for coastal beauty and delicious cuisine.

Next comes Ontario Canada, considered to be most populous province in Canada. Ontario is the destination for economic and political activity. Canada’s capital city Ottawa and its largest city Toronto are located in this province. About 40 percent of Canadians call Ontario as their home.

Prince Edward Island surrounds many Isles, it is called as birthplace of Canada. It is Canada’s smallest province. Lush farmland and beautiful coasts major focus of economy is on agriculture, tourism and fishing.

Country’s best kept secrets New Foundland and Labrador, Canada’s province on the easternmost. This province has two different land masses Labrador & New Foundland. Labrador is connected to main land of Canada and New Foundland is independent. Most of the people live in the costal capital St. John’s.

Settled in between Yukon and Nunavut the Northwest Territory has 40,000 residents. This territory major economy comes from natural resources like gold, diamonds, natural gas and petroleum. The capital city is located in the shores of Great Slave lake known to be a hub of recreational facilities.

Yukon is a North West Canadian province and a home of 34000 people. Most of them live in the capital city of Whitehorse. The major economy is of mining and tourism. This is an ideal place for individuals to settle for individuals who have strong communities and great outdoors.