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Canadian Immigration System: Pros and More Pros


As it appears, the world is considering Canada as the much-coveted nation for immigration at the moment. Of course, Canada always was a title contender, but the payoff just got bigger after the latest developments in the USA. The story behind the popularity of the Canadian immigration is quite logical - if you're skilled and technically sound, you find yourself a place in Canada.The skilled immigrants are usually chosen as the permanent residents based on their capabilities and abilities. They'll freely contribute to the economy and enjoy the luxuries of the Great White North like any Canadian. What's not to love?


Talking about immigration and immigrants making a home in a new land, we know that the right province makes a huge difference in the life of any individual looking to settle down. Ontario is the most multicultural province where one can find more than half of the new immigrants. Often regarded as the land of opportunity, Ontario is a province that has been flourishing with the efforts of immigrants for decades now. As a solid, diversified economy, Ontario is in the center of Canada and is the hub of the economy. Attracting different people from myriad backgrounds, it is said that the population of Ontario is full of people who converse in 130 languages. As the center to some of the greatest universities of our time, Ontario has students from Arts, Science, Finance etc. who partake in adding to the diversity.


As of February 21st, Ontario has reopened its Human Capital Priorities immigration stream, which is a part of Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. This stream is typically used to pick individuals in Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship for Canada's Express Entry Pool. A good number of Express Entry candidates can draw a large benefit through the reopening of this stream, especially because it rewards 600 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points, additionally. However, like every other rule that involves immigration to Canada, this one too picks individuals who are skilled and talented. Apart from that, the well-deserving candidates must have a minimum score of 400 under the CRS.


The Human Capital Priorities Stream generally brings attention to the crème de la crème when it comes to picking immigrants. Or to be more precise, it targets foreign skilled workers with a graduation or viable education, substantial work experience, language fluency and several other requirements that an individual needs to settle down in Ontario. For the individuals to qualify stream, they must pass through the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada's federal Express Entry pool through the Federal Skilled Worker Class or the Canadian Experience Class. However, the candidates don't have to apply directly to the stream, as they must initially receive a Notification of Interest (NOI) from the OINP based on their Express Entry profile. With the right amount of points and skill on hand, it is hard to deny one an entry to Canada.


What makes this entire journey more exciting is the high quality of life that Canada offers to its immigrants - freedom and liberalism. Canada has a publicly funded medicare system ensuring free health care to all its residents. The goodness of being a part of Canada is the security and equality it offers to all who reside on its soil. In more than many cases, what more does one need?