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Coping as a Dependent of a New Immigrant


This is the day you and your spouse have been waiting for! All the meticulous preparation and careful planning has borne fruit, the grueling immigration interview is over and so is the one with the hopefully nice officer at the port of entry, you have been passed through customs and are now officially in the country which from now on will be your new home.You are both happy to be here, but also a little sad and homesick to leave everyone at home. You wish you had your cousins to share your experiences with, you know you will miss the food from home. You look at all the people around you, and cannot recognize a single face in the crowd. Tomorrow it will be worse, because your spouse needs to leave for work, but you as a dependent need to stay back at home. You cannot work as per the terms of your visa. You do not have any friends here and you do not know where to buy your groceries. So what do you do? Well of course, this is a pretty grim view of life in a new country. You probably have lots of people you know, and that was the reason you and your spouse decided to immigrate here. You have mostly done your research and found where exactly you will get all the ingredients to make your favorite dish. You have mapped out your plans for the next six weekends and are extremely confident and comfortable about your move! Well, you could be at any end of the spectrum, or somewhere in between, wherever you are, know that with a few simple steps you can make the transition to your new city both easy and meaningful.

First, make sure you try your best to attune your sleep cycle with the local timing. Experts say that the best way to get over jet lag is to start sleeping according to local timings as soon as possible. Getting over jet lag is an important step as disturbances in sleep cycles can lead to a host of health problems.  If you are traveling with young kids, then coping with jet lag becomes doubly important, both for your sake and for theirs. There are a number of books and web resources available that can give you tips on how to combat jet lag. According to Huffington Post, the best way to deal with jet lag is to prepare ahead. Make sure you are well rested before your flight. Also, taking in plenty of fresh air before your flight and walking up and down the aisle during the flight, especially if it is a long haul one can help in dealing with both jet lag and ill effects of cabin pressure

 Second, make sure you get out of the house, even if it is for a 10 minute walk in your neighborhood. Staying in all day, even if you are occupied in some activity can lead to what doctors call ‘cabin fever’, a mild form of depression, caused by being cooped up indoors. You could explore a new direction every day and get to know your neighborhood better. You are more likely to meet new friends by going out rather than sitting at home. If you have any technical skills or expertise in software languages or packages or am interests such as painting, knitting etc. now could be the time to put it to good use by volunteering your skill at the local community center. Volunteering is a great way to harness your skills, meet new people, contribute to society and feel good about yourself. Also if you have young children, who will be going to school, you could join the Parents Teachers Association of your child’s school and volunteer to be a teacher’s assistant. Many schools also have after school programs for their students. You could volunteer to teach one of the after school classes in your child’s school

Most countries have vast public libraries, with an extensive collection of books, movies and music.  Membership at these libraries is very often free, and provides a number of benefits. Libraries generally have some kind of events or classes going on, to help new immigrants to integrate better with the culture around them. Libraries also conduct classes on various subjects. You could also volunteer to teach a class at your local library. The internet, also is a great resource for finding things to do in your local area. Websites such as are really good resources for finding and joining clubs with people having shared interests. is another great place where you can provide your skills, interests, and locality and you can get suggestions on volunteering opportunities matching your criteria.

With the above suggestion you could make your transition to your new city a far easier one. Global Tree, one of the best immigration services in the country, is committed to support you through your immigration process, far beyond the successful processing of your visa.Please fill out Free Immigration assessment form one of our consultant will get back to you