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First Class Visa to the US: EB-5


With Donald Trump coming into the Oval Office, the pathway to the US through a work visa (H visa) is poised to undergo certain stringent regulations. This walling off for one of the US’s most requested visas is sure to bring about some serious changes in the immigration landscape. Experts currently suggest moving the spotlight from H-visas to EB-5 visa. The current figure of Indians queuing up to migrate to the US via EB-5 visa is approximately 1200. These wealthy entrepreneurs are ready to shell out almost half a million US dollars individually. Mark Davies, who is the global chairperson of Davies & Associates a US immigrant investor visa company stated that, “Trump's win in the Presidential Elections will be beneficial for EB-5 visa applicants. While some of our clients have expressed concern with a Trump victory, we believed that their concerns will be short-lived, it will cause more Indians to apply for an EB-5-based US immigrant visa”. So according to Davies, the EB-5 visa will see a major boost up in the coming years. 

EB-5 is the Immigrant Investor visa that was created by the Congress in 1990 to stimulate the U.S. economy by job creation through foreign investment. The visa is administered by the USCIS and the eligibility criteria involve two vital points, namely investment and job creation. An immigrant moving to the US through EB-5 is required to invest in the country to set-up their business with $500,000 in a rural area which is a targeted employment area (TEA) or $1 million in a non TEA. Apart from investment, the candidate has also has to create at least 10 full time jobs to those who are not family members in the US to qualify for the Green Card through EB-5. 

EB-5 is quickly becoming the solution for Indian entrepreneurs who are interested in accessing the large, highly lucrative US market directly, without the presence of any American agent or middleman. The Immigrant investor scheme is one of the best for those who want to expand their businesses to the United States. The next President, while not known for being immigrant friendly, heavily favors the immigrant investor visa, as he has used this program in the past as a source of funding for his real estate projects. 

Davies has mentioned that this visa has been extended multiple times in the past and at present; it has been extended till 9th December 2016. Another positive fact linked to the Direct EB-visa is that it neither gets expired nor requires any extension, which implies that without a government -mandated regulation passed regarding this visa, it will endure forever. The current permission given by RBI to each candidate for overseas transmittal is up to $250,000 per year. 

Currently, around 1200 Indians applied for EB-5 visa, but only 111 got approved by USCIS between 1st October 2014 to 30th September 2015. The number of visas issued remained in three digits but in future it may go up, as India might follow the route of China to US because EB-5 is amongst the easiest way to step foot on US soil. Presently, China leads in getting the maximum number of EB-5 visas and the number of applications made by the Indians for EB-5 is just insignificant when compared to China who managed to get 8,150 approvals for the visa. This is expected to go up with the rise in awareness of the EB-5. Ankit Bhandari of US Freedom says that, “Indians are favoured more over many other nationalities in the US”, which is good news for Indians and particularly for EB-5 aspirants. 

The path to EB-5 involves two divisions, the direct investment route and the regional central program. The first route is a rather cumbersome route and require a huge investment of $1million (approximately Rs, 6.7 crore) to start a new venture in the US with creation of a minimum  of 10 full time jobs for US workers. The US government is planning to raise this limit to $1.2 million during the  next financial year. The latter route is through a regional central programme and is more convenient and advisable. For the regional central program, the candidate has to invest $500,000 as a limited partner in one of the many government approved EB-5 projects in the country, and this amount is tradeable after the period of five years. The investor also has the opportunity to earn a 0.5% to 1% interest on investments per annum if invested in any profitable project. 

The present scenario suggests that the right move towards the United States of America is through EB-5 visa which generates Green Card not only for the applicant but for the entire family. If you are eager to move to the US, EB-5 is a highly recommended route to migrate to the US. 

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