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Germany’s immigrant entrepreneurs


 The advent of Trump's presidency has witnessed a massive transformation towards the outlook of immigration. Owing to the abundantly obvious reasons, individuals are considering Canada, Australia and European nations as ideal options to migrate and build prospects of higher quality. Although European nations hold a mysterious air, plenty of immigrants constantly show an inclination towards them. As a matter of fact, Germany is the second most popular migration destination in the world, with the United States holding pole position. Germany is also a nation with an immigrant population of highly skilled professionals and scientists who contribute to the economy of the nation.

The world usually knows Germany as the nation that produces brilliant innovation. It does not come as a surprise that the German economy ranks high on the indicators of innovation like research and development, innovation management and entrepreneurship. The innovations made in Germany occupy a major chunk of worldwide exports. In fact, several German universities have curriculum with sound foundation on entrepreneurship and how to survive as a business in a dynamic marketplace that's persistently evolving. The capital city, Berlin, exemplifies this with its vibrant startup scene, which might be in a nascent stage, as of now, but it won't be too long before it takes the lead.

However, what comes as a surprise is the native Germans' standpoint on entrepreneurship. The locals don't embrace the entrepreneurial attitude and activities greatly and have a weak ranking according to ‘Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index (GEDI)’ rankings. This nature is probably elucidated well by the fact that gaining an access to the labor market of Germany is one tough nut to crack, and this corporate landscape is being increasingly filled by immigrants.

Despite these setbacks, Germany, like always is skyrocketing while penetrating into foreign markets or develop new products with German government mindfully investing in the research and development. In the recent past, Germany has welcomed many skilled immigrants who are of a great value to the economy. The already strong economy is getting its much-coveted push for jostling into the areas of entrepreneurship as the immigrants are leaning towards starting new businesses. On an honest note, self-employment and finding new businesses does more than strengthening the economy and creating job opportunities. For instance, the founders carve a path of inordinate fruition while solidifying their place in the economy. Quite a worth mentioning reality is that, through new businesses, their odds of making fortune gets considerably huge too. And of course, we know that business owners and founders are naturally wealthier than the employees. Albeit Steve Ballmer mightily stands in the top 30 richest people in the world, his example is the first case where an employee, and not a founder, became a billionaire. Everyone else on the billionaire list has either inherited fortune or founded businesses.

 For what its worth, this seems like a nod towards entrepreneurship, which requires an attitude of experimentation. Luckily, the immigrants are happy to explore these opportunities in Germany, with the German government encouraging the endeavors of immigrant dreamers.