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Global Tree | Canada Immigration | Komagata Maru Incident 1908

Canada Immigration 1908: Government of Canada prohibits immigrants who didn't come from country of their birth, citizenship by a continuous travel and also tickets from their country. Group of people shipped up from India traveled through Shanghai and Japan finally reached Vancouver Canada. This continuous journey with necessary stop over at Hawaii, Japan prevented migrants from entering into Canada.

This event is known to be 'the boat that challenged immigration law'. Let's find out total event.

Its most high profile controversy came in 1914. 30 Sikh, 24 Muslims and 12 Hindus. Except 20 Canadian returning citizens most of them were not allowed to disembark. Spectators were rotating with boats across the ship watching migrants. There were words exchanged between the head of the troop and the Customs Inspector asking to favor these immigrants.

A case was filed and quickly heard before the court of law. The court ruled the denial of entry. The ship was sent back to India after Canada dejected 355 immigrants after 2 months of arrival to Vancouver. Before that there was escalation of riot and nineteen passengers were killed.

The governments of British Columbia and Canada issued official apology on the incident in 2008.