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Global Tree | Heritage behind Modern Day Immigration – English Towns - Immigration

Tolerance towards immigrants is higher in English towns currently than the time when they welcomed Jews. According to the study of regional variations in attitudes of immigration done by an economist from New Zealand’s University of Otago shows that the approach towards immigrants is more positive when compared with middle ages were Jews came and settled.

Surveyed statistics say that people are more likely towards political parties which are likely towards immigrants. Mid 13th century 30 English towns housed chests. The research took socio-economic and constituency characteristics into account. It states that English towns with Jews heritage are happier for migrants. There is significant difference between cities with Jews heritage and those without Jews heritage.

Going back to the history into underlying cultural trait, Jewish community were expelled from English in 1290 and no substantial immigration until four centuries later. Trending today cities have inherent ability to cope with ethnic diversity. Policies hailing from the principles of encouraging immigration or investment in activities requiring more racial tolerance promote economic growth at local and national levels.

This is a good sign of modern economy helping people to invade & settle in English, Canadian, Australian and United States.