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Hari Sreenivasan - The Becoming of A Famous Indian-American Journalist



The one straightforward thought that resonates in the actions and the thoughts of every immigrant in the world is - to be able to provide a better lifestyle and opportunities for their family. When Hari Sreenivasan's parents moved to the USA in the 1970s, they too wanted to present stability and better health care for the then seven-year-old Hari. Well, who knew one day he would grow up to be an eminent correspondent and anchor at PBS. Hari is famously known for hosting the talk with Narendra Modi in Manhattan. The world now recognizes him a little more than ever, but what really went in the making of this creative mind? Let's really get into it.

Hari was born into a middle-class family in Mumbai. When his parents moved to the USA in the search of greener pastures, Hari was in a tender age, yet remembers how his parents had to struggle to build a strong ground. His mother had to often work two jobs; it wasn't an easy thing for his parents but they have done everything they could in the spirit of wanting something better. Highly influenced by a number of efforts his parents rendered, Hari understood and valued the essence of time. This flavour in him was clear right from the childhood when he attended Nathan Hale High School in Seattle, Washington, where he became a radio disc jockey. Later on, he earned his mass communication (with minors in politics and philosophy) at University of Puget Sound while interning at several TV news stations in Washington state. Long before he became a journalist and secured a job at NBC affiliate WNCN-TV, he worked as a DJ and explored several areas of interest unabashedly. Up till now, Hari had the opportunity of working with some of the biggest TV news stations that include ABC News, CNET, CBS News' Dallas bureau etc.

Hari fondly recalls the visits he makes to India and enunciates the importance of family. The support he receives from his family in India, he says, is precious and nothing can be enough to truly thank them. He understands how immigrants trade the warmth of an extended family and familiar land for hustling in a country that's so unfamiliar. Luckily enough for him, he discovered countless favorable circumstances and opportunities in the USA. When he decided to be a U.S. citizen in 2008, he turned a new leaf with an endearing hope. Like most immigrant children, he found a remarkable access to everything America offered and as a journalist, he still remains curious about everything that happens around him.

Needless to mention, his contributions and ideas are always revered in a diverse country like the USA. In early 2016, he was recognized as one of 42 immigrants for strengthening America and its democratic society. On that note, he was awarded the Carnegie Corporation's 'Great Immigrants: The Pride of America' honor, which he shared with 42 honorees from 30 different countries.

This is a matter of delight for Indians. And in other words, a perfect paradigm for every dreamer to believe in their dreams and give their best shot for making them a reality.