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How Migrants are helping America

Migration is the typical labour supply policy encouraging investment expands labour force and provides taxpayers supporting America’s growing. Barack Obama’s immigration order will have such benefits. It is aimed at large illegal immigrants arrived years ago. The reform passed last year legalising millions of immigrants but never taken up by the House of Representatives, created new entry routes for people with skills, experience and education. It will boost population by 10m and the number of worker’s by 6m and the level of GDP by 3.3%.

In contrast, the President’s Council of Economic Advisers state that his order will boost GDP in the next decade between 0.4% to 0.9% due to provisions in illegal immigration. These give the foreign entrepreneurs more ways to get into America, and foreign born science graduates to spend more time in America.

In theory, it states illegal immigrants no longer fear they will be deported, but switch to better jobs suited for their skills. Immigration already is a contributor for America’s growth. Legal immigration around 1m is already a big asset to the country, illegal immigration has come to halt in 2007 since the number of immigrants is already balanced or exceeded. It would be costlier for the economy if the longer legislation for migration goes.