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Immigration to Canada through the Provincial Nominee Program


Immigration to Canada through the Provincial Nominee Program
In the changing world dynamics, immigrants and potential immigrants across the world are left in a state of bewildered apprehension. Many immigrants cannot help wondering whether their adopted country has truly taken them to its bosom. In this dismal state of affairs, one country that stands out as a beacon of hope is Canada. While many other countries in the developed world are scrambling to tighten their immigration policies and close their gates to new immigrants, Canada is literally laying out the red carpet and singing the welcome song!

Canada has over the years initiated many different immigration schemes to welcome newcomers into the country.Of these, the Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) is one of the best and most effective ways to immigrate to Canada. According to the Canadian immigration website, the provinces are seeing major activity in immigration under the provincial nomination scheme. In 2017, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has increased its target for immigrants being accepted through the Provincial Nominee Program to 51,000, thus cementing Canada’s reputation as an immigrant friendly country. So what exactly is the Provincial Nominee Program and who can immigrate through it? Read on to find out

What is the Provincial Nominee Program?
The Provincial Nominee Program allows individuals who wish to immigrate to specific provinces of Canada, to be nominated by the respective province.It is an accelerated option for potential immigrants seeking to be residents of Canada. Each of the provinces in Canada, barring Quebec has its own unique Provincial Nominee Program. The provinces in conjunction with the IRCC come up with their own uniquely tailored set of rules, to identify immigrants who meet their requirements. The provinces and territories use these programs as an effective and efficient way to supplement the demographic gap in their labor force, caused by the retirement of the baby boom generation.Each province tailors its PNP’s requirement criteria to identify individuals who will best be able to integrate into the life and culture of the province, and work to make an effective contribution.

What are Base and Enhanced Provincial Nominee Program?
The Base Provincial Nomination scheme allows provinces to make nominations for individuals who are not eligible for immigration under the Express Entry Program (EEP).The base Provincial Nomination Scheme opens up an alternate avenue for immigration for such individuals. The individual needs to merely satisfy the requirement conditions laid out by the respective province. The applicant who wishes to immigrate to a particular province under the base Provincial Nomination Scheme has to go through a two-step process for entering Canada
1. He has to satisfy the criteria for a PNP scheme, apply for the same and obtain a nomination certificate from the province of his choice
2. He has to then, apply to the federal government, along with the nomination certificate.The federal government will check the application with respect to medical and security background of the individual and if found satisfactory, will grant permanent resident status to the individual
The enhanced Provincial Nomination scheme links the Provincial Nominee Program with the Express Entry Program. It is available for individuals who are eligible to immigrate under the Express Entry Program, and have obtained a nomination from a particular province under the PNP. The candidates who are in the Express Entry Pool and have received a nomination from a province are awarded 600 points out of a total of 1200 points under the Comprehensive Ranking System. These additional points, will result in a greater probability of being selected in next draw from the Express Entry pool. The candidate at the discretion of the province or territory, may both enter the EEP pool first and then obtain a nomination from the province, or the other way around. In most cases the provinces require that the candidate is in the pool, before he can apply for an enhanced provincial nomination certificate. As seen above both candidates who are eligible for immigration under the Express Entry Scheme and those who are ineligible for immigration under the Express Entry Program can benefit from the Provincial Nominee Program.

What are the provisions and eligibility criteria for immigration under Provincial Nominee Program?
Each Province and territory lays out its own set of eligibility criteria and provisions for nomination.The provisions for nomination are typically made for three classes of immigrants
1. Those who have identified an employer in the province, willing to sponsor them
2. Those who are seeking employment in the province, and
3. Those who are self-employed.
The Canadian immigration website, carries in depth information about the Provincial Nominee Programs for each of the Provinces. Some of the popular Provincial Nominee Programs are the Provincial Nominee Programfor Saskatchewan, Provincial Nominee Program for Alberta and the Provincial Nominee Program for Manitoba. To know more in depth about the Provincial Nominee Program and how you can tailor it to match your eligibility and requirements, get in touch with Global Tree, one of the best immigration Consultancies in India.Please fill out Free assessment form one of our consultant will get back to you