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Kal Penn - The Indian American (Super) Hero!


It is often said that babies are little bundles of potentialities. When a baby is born, the parents dream of a bright future for their child, but cannot predict what lies ahead for his destiny. Gandhi’s parents may never have thought what lay ahead for him, neither would have the parents of Einstein, nor for that matter, Homer, Shakespeare or Carl Jung the great philosopher. It is indeed a fascinating topic, what shapes a child’s destiny as he takes on the mantle of man? What makes one child grow up to be an intelligent, successful, emphatic and responsible citizen, while the other grows up to be an unethical and idling burden on society? All parents without exception, regardless of their circumstance want only the best for their children. So is there a magic formula that breeds success? Is there a blue print or a master plan that parents can use that can propel their child towards glory? Not yet! As parents we do our best, we give our children the best opportunities and the best love and then all we can do is let them grow out their own paths. Sometimes the growth they follow is so incredible that we are left breathless with the beauty of it all

When Indian immigrants Suresh Modi and Amite Modi gave birth to their child Kalpen Suresh Modi on April 23 1977 at New Jersey, they would never have dreamt that their son would one day be a leading actor and political activist, whose single tweet could be the catalyst for remobilizing more than 500000 USD in less than 24 hours for refugees and children affected by the Syrian crisis.

Kal Penn went to school at Marlboro Middle School in Marlboro Township, New Jersey and was part of the school’s jazz band in which he played the saxophone. In his high school at Howell High School, where he attended The Fine and Performing Arts Academy. He then transferred to Freehold Township High School for the rest of his schooling years. He actively participated in the school’s theatre productions. He completed his graduation from UCLA in 2000 where he double majored in film and sociology. An avid and continuous learner, he also studied for a certificate in international security from Stanford University in 2014

Kalpen Suresh Modi, who goes by the screen name Kal Penn first rose to fame for being the lead actor in the Hollywood comedy series Harold and Kumar. Kal penn has played many roles in his career including actor, civil servant, celebrity chef and producer. After starting his acting career in Harold and Kumar, Kal Penn went on to take many popular and crowd pulling roles such as Lawrence Kutner in television program House, won an award for outstanding actor and Asian award for excellence for his performance in the Namesake, Seth Wright in Designated survivor, Ahmed Ansar in hit thriller series 24. He also had a stint as a participant in Master-chef celebrity showdown which he went on to win and what is more, he donated the entire award money to Palestinian refugees. In April 2009 he joined the administration of then president Barack Obama as Associate Director in the office of public engagement at the White House. With a wonderful career that spanned many illustrious roles Kal Penn has been an inspiration to a whole generation of his contemporaries from all parts of the world and not just India.
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