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Perth – Friendliest Metropolis in Australia


About Perth
Perth, Australia is famous for its sunny climates and warm friendly people. Many call this city Australia’s friendliest metropolis. Perth has also been voted as one of the top ten most livable cities in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit .It is the capital of Western Australia and also the fourth largest city in terms of population in Australia. It is situated on the south west portion of Western Australia and a major part of the urban metropolitan area is located on the Swan Coastal plain. It follows the course of the Swan River from its source in the Darling mountain range to the port of Freemantle

The architecture of buildings in Perth shows an eclectic mix of the ancient and the modern, with a variety of styles ranging from Tudor and art deco buildings of the past to the modern limestone and glass plated skyscrapers which reflect the sun and the sky. Perth has two airports, the Perth airport which serves the eastern portion of the city and Jandakot airport in the south which is used mainly for chartered flights. Perth is well connected by road and rail with 70 railway stations and 15 bus ports in its metropolitan area. The Freemantle Outer Harbor in Perth is one of Australia’s largest bulk cargo seaports.

Getting Around
Most people in Perth prefer to take the public transport for getting around, as driving in the city requires a bit of practice. Most roads do not have signs and many streets are one way. Also free parking spaces are difficult to find. However if you would like to drive a number of car rental agencies are available. An alternative way would be to rent a moped from a local business. Perth city is served by the Central Area Transit (CAT) services, which operates regular buses along the Free Transit Route. The CAT buses are color coded with red and yellow buses operating on the east-west routes and the blue buses operating on the southern end. The metropolitan area of Perth is serviced by Transperth buses. Fares range from 2.10 AUD for a single zone to 12.40 AUD for a day rider pass. Perth is connected to Sydney and Adelaide by the Indian Pacific Rail Service which operates once per week in both directions.

Perth has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate with an average of 8.8 hours of sunshine per day, making it the sunniest capital city in Australia. Summers last from December to March, and are dry and hot. Winters are relatively mild and humid and most of Perth’s rainfall occurs between May and September. Perth gets moderate rainfall on an average and is the fourth wettest city in Australia. Temperatures on an average range from a day time high of 31.7 C to a low of 16.6 C in summer and a day time high of 18.4 C to 7.7 C in winter.

The main attraction in Perth to most people is its long coastline with sunny beaches and happy go lucky crowd. Come weekend and you would see crowds of people flocking to its many beaches to enjoy the sun, the sea and the surf. To get a birds eye view of the cityscape climb to the top of Perth’s very own Bhurj Kalifa, the iconic Swan bell tower. You can get a view of Kings Park, which is larger than New York’s Central Park, and, where it is believed a natural spring was discovered by the first explorers. If you are an art aficionado, you mustn’t miss the downtown Art Gallery of Western Australia or visit the Western Australian museum to know more about the state’s archeological treasures and its marine environment. If the stories of buried treasures and the Klondike gold rush caught your imagination as a child, then you must tour the Royal Mint to see the largest gold coin. A trip to the wine region of Swan Valley, which is home to many exclusive wine boutiques, can make an excellent day trip option. Perth is a great place to explore and discover and has many options to keep people of all tastes occupied and entertained.

Moving with kids?
Perth is a great place for moving with kids. With its wide variety of museums, beaches and kid friendly parks, it doesn’t take a lot to keep a child happy in Perth. Schooling your kids in Perth is also a non-stressful affair with a number of options available. There are 602 schools in Perth with a majority of them being co-educational non-denominational Government schools. Catholic schools, followed by Independent schools, are the second largest group.

Cost of living
Perth is a relatively less expensive city to live in when compared to Sydney and Melbourne. The average cost of living comes to around 3500 AUD per month, with rental costs ranging from 2100 AUD for a studio apartment to 2700 AUD for a two bedroom house. Groceries would cost around 300 AUD while utilities would set you back by 340 AUD a month.

Indian Community
There is a growing and vibrant Indian presence in Perth. With a huge population of Indians calling it their home, Perth can boast of many Indian restaurants, grocery stores and places of worship. The Indian grocery stores carry almost all the groceries you would get back at home including many of the spices. The Indian community here is active with a number of Indian associations that organize cultural programs on a regular basis.

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