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Quebec Immigration: Pathway to Canada Migration


Quebec is one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada, apart from this it is closer to New York, in the US and shares the border with Atlantic province in Canada. The official language of Quebec is French, but there are various English communities in the region. Montreal City is also present in this particular province and possesses various English language institutions in Montreal.

The Quebec province is abundant in mineral resources, information and communication technology, biotechnology and robust airspace makes valuable contribution to the economy. The enormous opportunities available in this province, attracts migrants from all over the world. The economy of Canada requires skill professionals to fill the skill gaps in their industries.

To migrate to Quebec province in Canada, Canada Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP) is being designed. Recently the project is being refurbished and an online project called ‘Mon Project is introduced which accepts online applications of the interested candidates. In the initial stage itself it received 5000 applications in the month of June 2016, and would again accept 5000 applications in the next intake. The requirements of Quebec Immigration are different from that of other Federal Skilled programs of Canada.

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