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Quebec Skilled Worker - Anticipated from Nov' 4 - As per CIC

Anticipation is over for Quebec as per CIC, much awaited Quebec Skilled Worker Program is on cards. It is expected to reopen in a week with postal applications shall be accepted from November 4, 2015. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program allows successful applications and their families to get permanent residency status. The maximum of 6,300 applications will be allowed for this year. The demand for upcoming ITA’s and the applications to filed from job seekers is expected to reach more than previous year.

The previous cycle of Quebec Immigration operated on first come first serve basis and no imminent cycle has been released so far. This feature marks more assured way to obtain permanent residency status to them and their family.  Quebec Immigration is easier when compared with many federal skilled migration programs processed through Express Entry system. If an applicant is looking out for Canada Immigration, he or she will be applying for Quebec province since it more straight forward way of getting permanent residency than federal skilled worker programs.

The government of Canada has made few changes in the Quebec skilled worker criteria wherein, the scores required to obtain Quebec certificate is much lower than the previous score. This helps to have more bias of application. The government has also      released new area of training list and removed the adaptability factor from the list. Subsequently rejected candidates of pervious cycle on this basis can submit their application for this cycle. The first run for applications will be from November 4 to December 15, 2015 and this duration accepts only 3500 applications. The most recent Quebec Immigration program last year gave invitations to apply for 6500 skilled workers.

The government has earlier announced online system for processing applications. But now there can be more postal applications than online applications. Moreover it remains a question to check how online systems may operate. Let’s see how it works because, generally applicants need to satisfy age, education, work experience, language proficiency, prior visit or stay at Quebec, human factors like spouse or common law partner, validated job offer from Quebec and many more. If an individual satisfies minimum requirement points then he or she will be eligible to enter into Canada. But, candidates may also note that job offer is not required for applying for Quebec skilled worker visa. Also, applicants who don’t have knowledge of French language but are strong in fundamentals are also eligible to apply. Pursuing Quebec Immigration through skilled worker program is a first come first serve basis program in contrast with the Express Entry selection system.