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Sundar Pichai: The Radical Journey of an Indian-American


From the corridors of IIT Kharagpur to reaching the helm of Google Inc. as its CEO, the radical journey of Sundar Pichai is awe-inspiring and if anything, a beacon of hope. Often regarded as Larry Page's right-hand man, 'Sundar Pichai' has turned into a household name, not just in India, but all across the globe. And indeed, several youngsters are already following his footsteps. Particularly in India, youngsters are harnessing their skills for pursuing their American dream. In what we call as a great achievement, Sundar's remarkable journey was often paved with struggles. It is safe to say that he has overcome numerous obstacles before tasting the joy of success.

 Hailing from a middle-class family in Chennai, Sundar Pichai was passionately competitive in school. As a matter of fact, his schoolmates remember him as a student with a perfect mixture of brilliance and academic focus, while his family always admired how he was a child with a plan. Sure his current net worth might be $150 Million, but in childhood, Sundar's family income was quite limited. The hardships endured by his father served as a fuel of inspiration for Sundar to reach a pinnacle this noteworthy. His first brush with technology happened when the Pichai family got its first landline. He was 12 then, and with the technology leaping and growing in abundance, Sundar, as we know, ran along with it.

 To recap some of the turning points in his life, after graduating from IIT, Sundar Pichai secured a scholarship from Stanford University to pursue Masters in Science in Material sciences and Engineering. Later, he went on to complete an MBA from Wharton University. His study in USA that he unleashed a wondrous pool of opportunities. Long before he joined Google, he worked in the engineering and product management at Applied Materials and in management consulting at McKinsey & Company. When he joined Google in 2004, he worked on a couple of popular products that include the toolbar, Google Gear and Google Pack. Regarded as the man behind the most important products of Google, Sundar convinced Larry Page and Sergey Brin for developing and launching Google's own browser. Although he faced a decent amount of objection, his persuasion and belief in the idea led to the phenomenal success of Google Chrome.

 Fascinatingly enough, there was no looking back after that. Sundar followed his heart and kept innovating while motivating youngsters to believe in their dreams. In 2016, he was one of the 42 influential professionals to be honored with a prestigious immigrants' award for his constant contributions in strengthening the USA and its democratic society. Carnegie Corporation's 'Great Immigrants: The Pride of America' honor is one of the highest rank awards that's conferred on immigrants who predominantly break the barriers for bolstering diversity and innovation.

 Sundar illustrates that any ambitious youngster can churn success worth inspiring with right precision and an ability to plan. Ladled with ups and downs, his story exemplifies the journey of an immigrant who created an incredible path by following his dreams. Well, no wonder his contributions are recognized, time and again!