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Top Five Reasons to Immigrate to Belfast


“The flower that blooms in adversity is the one that blooms the fairest” This adage is never truer than when applied to Belfast. Belfast is situated in Northern Ireland and is a part of the United Kingdom. Belfast has for many years been the bone of contention between the United Kingdom and Ireland. Belfast, the scene of many terrible and deadly attacks, indeed has had a troubled past, but is steadily putting its past behind and is embracing its future and here are the top five reasons why you would do well to consider embracing Belfast as your new home.
1. The scenery and the parks
Belfast, situated in Northern Ireland, has some of the most stunning views in the world in its neighborhood. Don’t believe us, ask the people who make the Game of Thrones. The 120 mile coastal route between Belfast and Londonderry has often been starred in the popular shows. The rolling hills, the pristine beaches and the verdant grasslands around Belfast make it one of the most scenically blessed places on earth. What is more, you can spend all your time here happily wandering through the 5000 acres of parks that Belfast offers. The isles and glens of Northern Ireland, where Belfast is situated, offer some of the most beautiful vistas in the world. They bring to mind a bygone era of wizards and witches. No wonder, many adults as well as children still believe in fairies. Many cruises operate from Belfast to the Isle of Man, the isle of Mull and the isle of Arrian and Isle of Skye.
2. The climate
The climate of Belfast is a temperate oceanic one. Summers are warm and sunny, and winters are mild. Snow is rare, but does fall sometimes. Belfast has a lot of precipitation and receives rainfall for 157 days out of the year. Spring which lasts for a month from May, is the sunniest time of the year and most visitors prefer to visit during spring time.
3. The Industry and Innovation
Looking for a little inspiration for your next project? Then Belfast is the place to be. The very air of this place seems to inspire innovations and inventions. A few cases in point - The ill-fated world famous ship, The Titanic was built here, John Wood Dunlop, founder of Dunlop tires, invented the Pneumatic tire in Belfast, Milk of Magnesia was invented by James Murray in Belfast, The second law of thermodynamics was discovered by Lord Kelvin in Belfast.
4. The History and culture
The culture of Belfast Is rooted in its long and varied history. Belfast has been around since the Bronze age You can see it in the magnificent and imposing castles all around it, dating back to the 11th century, and also the more recent peace lines, that were built during the ‘troubles’ to keep the warring Protestants and Catholics from killing each other. The ‘troubles’ were a series of conflicts between the Catholics and protestant sects of Ireland. The period from 1969 to 1998 witnessed some of the worst violence in the city. However the peace accord of 1999 made
5. The Economy
All the Isles, Glens and Castles may trick you into thinking that Belfast is a city that lives in a fantasy land of its own past, but that is far from the truth, as all the offices in Belfast will show you. A number of Multinational Companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, PriceWaterHouseCooper etc. have their offices in Belfast.Many more companies are expected to set up their offices in Belfast in the near future.Please fill out Free assessment form one of our consultant will get back to you

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