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USA CANADA Migration Policies Comparison

North American immigration diversity is constantly changing. Canada and USA to a large extent had their parallel trajectories during the earlier parts of immigration history. Both the countries initially had migrants from the British Isles and Europe, before expanding their catchment areas to other regions of the world.

But overtime Canadian and U.S. immigration policies diverged into Y junction. Canada is in election mode were most of the people are expected to vote for the first time. USA led by enigmatic Donald Trump has placed immigration policy to the position that can’t be ignored.

This is how Canada differs from USA in its immigration policy

Two-thirds of the Canadian permanent residents come to Canada through economic immigration programs in contrast, 16 percent of new green card holders lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs) in USA arrive through economic immigration categories. Politicians and commentator in many countries continually point Canada’s points based immigration as positive opportunity for creating new human resource.

Canada doesn’t have any diversity lottery all the applications will be processed through Express Entry pool. Green Card lottery scheme till 2014 attracted more than 11 million applicants. But only 0.5 percent of the applications are given Expression of Interest. After the launch of Express Entry pool the scenario has changed, the Express Entry pool offers EOI (Expression of Interest) immigrating to Canada based upon Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Candidates from the pool are selected on the priority basis rather than random from regular intervals of the pool. Selected candidates receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) were they have 60 days to submit the application with processing time of 60 days.

There is no lottery in Canada, but Canada has the Express Entry for migrants.