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USA Work Study - Benefits

Enroll CPT get benefited huge

CPT is a unique valuable opportunity for Students to gain experience in their own field while studying. It helps in earning extra money in US dollars. Immensely helpful for students who are seeking job opportunities in their core field immediately after graduation due to relevant experience.

Some of benefits are listed below:

Earn Internship + Money

USA work study program offers work experience using paid internship as the program requires students to work as interns in their first or second semesters of study. This means students can earn in US dollars. These wages equals the wages earned by US citizens from same role/level.

Unique Curriculum:

Unlike other programs students will have a unique curriculum of working in 1st or second semester. Other programs only offer work/internship after one year of study.

 Work Experience:

Working in a developed nation like USA while studying is a great opportunity and surely it adds weight to your Resume. It improves English Fluency, Business Etiquette and helps gaining practical work experience.

Decreases Odds after Post Graduation:

After graduating students can have an edge over other candidates since they have work experience in their relevant field. This can have great impact also in the payrolls students receive after studying.