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Wall of Mexico: Under construction


The campaigns are over, and now everyone to know how he will govern. Mr. Donald Trump, the Republican candidate was very clear from the Day 1 of his campaign that his concern is his countrymen and their borders. During the past decade, a massive migration process has occurred around the globe, and the market leaders, the UK and the US, being the most prosperous economies, have always fascinated professionals and the students across the globe. The census suggests that almost 40 million people living in the US are immigrants and almost an equal number have at least one immigrant parent. Together, there is a huge population of immigrants in the States, which bothered the future President of the country, Mr. Trump. The Census Bureau describes the last decade as the ‘lost decade for jobs’, as there was a prominent decline in overall jobs from the year 2000 to 2010 in the country, even though  migration from across the world was unaffected.

President-elect Donald Trump is very rigid when it comes to immigration, as he stated during his campaigns that, “They are bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, and they’re rapists”. He has also asserted, “restore integrity to our immigration system by prioritizing the interests of Americans first.  Enforce our immigration laws- at the border and at the workplace. Build a border wall and end sanctuary cities. Send criminal aliens home. Welcome those who embrace our way of life, but keep out immigrants and refugees who don’t, through rigorous vetting.

Trump might sound rigid, but he has message in his statements that has resonated with the majority of the US population, the message that the country doesn’t need criminal aliens or those who are disturbing the social environment. But he also had mentioned that he would welcome those who would embrace the American way of life which is open and terror free. Trump is not against of immigration, but surely is against illegal immigration. The Economic and Fiscal Consequences of Immigration 2016, have assessed the impact of dynamic immigration processes on the economic and fiscal outcomes for the US and the results suggests that US is one of the favoured destinations of population movement, which is shaking up the dynamics of the America. It suggests that the level of immigration happening is affecting the environment of work, study and life in America, which has become the concern for the policy makers, and also one of the biggest reasons behind Clinton’s defeat or Trump’s victory.

Though immigration is seen as the biggest agenda of fight in the current US election, but actually it was not immigration but terrorism poking which has become a big issue not only for USA but for the whole world. All around the globe, countries are suffering from the implications of the Syrian exodus, the refugee migration, to different countries which is not only hampering the US but to every nook and corner of the world. Closing or restricting the doors after creating issues will not find solutions, after all, the mastermind behind ISIS is not the prime issue to be discussed here. If not US or UK, there are several other options open for refugees who want to live their lives free from war and destruction. If the universities in the US or UK are considered to be the best, it’s because we consider them to be the best, there are multiple options worldwide: Germany, Australia, Canada, Denmark are more safe and peaceful countries to live, work and study. By this time the impact of Trump’s closeness to victory had begun its home stretch, the Canadian immigration website crashed due to experience of dense traffic on Super Tuesday, as both immigrants and citizens rushed to search for another destination to migrate.

Globalisation meant to eradicate the borders from the globe, but terrorism gave it a new face, and new walls in the name of security will be built. The solution is building of walls or getting united to fight againt it would be answered in future by the world leaders but for now we will wait for the latest immigration policies to be introduced by the US President-elect, Mr. Donald Trump.