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Wellington New Zealand: The coolest New Destination for Immigrants


Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and is the country’s second most highly populated city.It has been officially designated, by Lonely Planet, the world’s largest travel guide, as the coolest capital in the world, as well as the fourth best place in the world to travel to. So what makes Wellington such a favorite destination? A number of factors including the pleasant weather, laid back lifestyle of the people, the rich culture and the modern amenities. Read on for more details.
Rental Accommodation in Wellington
Although rental accommodation in Wellington is difficult to come by, on account of the rapid economic expansion, and migration of labor force, there are a number of vacation rentals and homestay options available for staying in, till one is able to sort out rental accommodation. A number of furnished and semi furnished properties of varying sizes, suited to different budgets are available for rent in Wellington.
Things to do in Wellington
Whether you are interested in nature, art and culture, sports or movies there are a plethora of options open to you at Wellington. For history buffs, the National Museum of New Zealand, in Wellington, is a fascinating destination, full of artefacts and information about New Zealand’s unique biological, cultural, social and geological history. Photography enthusiasts can head to Mount Victoria Lookout for stunning panoramic views of the city and the harbor. Movie lovers will readily recognize the Lord of the Rings shooting locales in the Weta Cave museum in Wellington. Children and adults alike will love having close encounters with the animals at the Wellington Zoo and will enjoy taking a ride in the iconic cable car to the cable car museum and the Space Place at Carter Observatory. For contemporary art lovers and hipsters, Cuba Street in Wellington is a bohemian paradise with vintage shops, street entertainers, cafes and bars.
Climate and weather in Wellington
Wellington, like most of the rest of New Zealand, has a temperate oceanic climate with very strong winds. Summer is mild and balmy, and winter too is very short and seldom extreme. Winter in Wellington is mostly mild, except for a few occasional frosts. Temperatures in Wellington mostly range between 250C and 60C. On an average Wellington receives 169 days of sunshine in a year.
Getting around in Wellington
Wellington is one of New Zealand’s main seaport and the wellington International Airport is the third busiest airport in the country. Getting around is easy in Wellington, the small size of the city makes almost any destination accessible by walk and bicycles. Many people also opt to use private taxi services and their own cars to travel around the city. Wellington also has a well-established transport network of buses and trains. MetLink is the official transportation network in Wellington. It operates four railway lines and more than a 100 bus routes as well as ferry services in and around the capital city.
Indians in Wellington
As an Indian immigrant, one would feel immediately at home in Wellington. Wellington is home to around 14% of the total Indian population in New Zealand. The Indian community in Wellington is diverse and well integrated into the local culture. Many localities sport Indian names like Kamala Street, Ganges Court and Cashmere Avenue amongst others. Wellington also boasts of a number of cultural associations that strive to educate and inspire the second generation of Indian immigrants in New Zealand about their roots, as well as a number of Indian grocery stores and restaurants where one can easily satisfy one’s cravings for ‘food from back home’.Please fill out Free assessment form one of our consultant will get back to you

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