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What so fascinating about Australian Permanent Residency


Australia, wealthy, developed, high in per capita income, is the world’s twelfth largest economy. Australia is the country which ranks highest in most of the segments in the world. The country fascinated the travellers around the world to get a PR status in Australia. It is complete package country which can provide you with work satisfaction, quality of life, entertainment and energy.

This particular article will explore why Australian Permanent Residency is so enthralling. You will know what you get when you will achieve a Australia PR status.

Australia, the land of Kangaroos, offers various benefits and advantages to the permanent residents in the country.

Permanent Resident: Getting a Australia Permanent Residency status in a country like Australia is in itself a big advantage. A PR visa enables an individual to move in and out of the country without any restriction.  The holder of a PR visa has the right to stay in the country for an indefinite period.

Flexible Education: The education particularly higher education in Australia is something which students from all over the world desire for. The permanent residents receive certain exceptional educational loans for higher education in the Universities of Australia. A permanent resident have the opportunity to take up any course anywhere in Australia.

Flexible work permit: A PR visa holder has the freedom to work in Australia, he can work under any employer and can choose any occupation except public services and military jobs. They can even join any trade union and are free to claim worker’s compensation.

Health care benefits:  A permanent resident is eligible to receive Medicare benefits and also qualifies for cheaper health insurance.   

Sponsor relatives: A PR visa holder could sponsor their family and friends for getting PR status in Australia.

Australian Born Kids: The children of a PR visa holder who are conceived or born in Australia will automatically get the Australian citizenship and because of which they could enjoy all the benefits in education and health care.

Apply for Citizenship:  A permanent resident is eligible to apply for Australian citizenship.

Flexibility in travelling to New Zealand: A permanent resident has the freedom to travel in and out of Australia. But they have special privilege to travel New Zealand in and out whenever they want to.

Procedure to get PR status in Australia

Getting a Permanent Resident visa of such a prosperous country is a blessing, and Australia welcomes the skilled workforce from across the globe to rove to Australia and fill the skills gap in their industries. The country follows a point base system for immigration, where candidate has to get at least 60 points in their framework. The higher the score, the more will be the chances to get ITA for PR visa. For getting guidance regarding how to get a suitable score, and PR visa, Globaltree immigration services is a pioneer in that, who could solve all your doubts regarding scores and documentation. For further details you could contact Globaltree service.

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